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School-Age Program

Before and After School Childcare

The CCF School-Age Program provides a safe and caring environment for school age students. We provide transportation with a small weekly fee to all seven elementary school in Woonsocket. We conveniently open at 6:30am and close at 6:00pm.

Our school-age program provides many opportunities for our students to socialize with their peers in a developmentally appropriate setting to encourage social emotional growth and foster learning. Our students participate in creative and interactive activities and participate in clubs based on the students’ interests.

Students can sign up for the following clubs:

  • Cooking
  • News broadcasting
  • Knitting
  • Karate
  • Languages
  • Music
  • Other clubs can be formed based on student suggestions and input

The Chaplin Perez Community Center at 37 Center Street services children from Kindergarten through middle school.

The child care program is open year round offering before and after-school/vacation/summer child care.

  • Homework Help; individual attention to the student’s needs allows the student to learn in a way that suits their learning abilities.
  • Snack and breakfast is provided every day. Lunch is provided on full days (no school/vacation days
  • Clubs: enrichment activities run by the teachers that allow the student to learn real world skills while “playing”.
  • Centers: Group activities self-run by the students that teach problem solving, creativity, leadership, sharing, enhance positive self-esteem
  • Specials guests such as Rhythm Room, Rhode Island Bee Keepers, and the Woonsocket Public Library

For more information, call 401-766-3384 or email Marisa Gallagher, Child Care Director.

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