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School-Linked Services

Woonsocket’s Child Opportunity Zone (COZ)

Rhode Island's Full Service Community School Initiative

CCF has been designated by the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) as Woonsocket’s Child Opportunity Zone (COZ). This Full-Service Community School initiative has been operating for the past eighteen years as a major part of RIDE’s educational strategy to ensure students do well in school.

CCF promotes school readiness and academic success by coordinating educational, health, and social services for students and their families, using the schools as a hub for these services.

Since 1994, COZ sites across ten Rhode Island communities (including the five core urban cities) have been providing integrated social services to students and their families attending high poverty schools with a focus on six key areas: early childhood initiatives, after-school/extended day learning opportunities, adult and family literacy activities, health services, parent and family involvement, and community engagement.  Each COZ site is unique and bases its coordinated programs on the needs and resources of its schools and community.

Founded on the same guiding principles, each COZ Site leads the design of services to meet the needs of its school-based community encompassing the following areas: children's learning environments, physical and mental health, economic opportunity, and family support and engagement.

Our statewide Full-Service Community School Initiative has established program performance standards that ensure consistency across all 10 sites. However, at the same time, COZs are community-based, with the flexibility to address local needs that often vary from community to community.  Annually the COZ sites serve over 14,000 children and their families.

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